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We are pleased to introduce HD Power Solutions Inc. for your alternator, regulator, and isolator needs. HD Power Solutions manufactures a range of electrical products for several types of vehicles including automotive, recreational, marine, transit, and emergency services industry. 

HD Power Solutions will continue to offer reliable industry recognized components such as POWERLINE Heavy Duty alternators, POWERLINE multi-battery isolators and/or dual alternators, and POWERLINE regulators. Soon, HD Power Solutions will be responding to market demands with a new generation of alternators and other electrical components. 

From our centrally located manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas, HD Power Solutions work closely with OEMs, as well as a strong (warehouse) distributor network for widespread product availability throught the United States, Canada, and other countries.



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HDPSI HomeAlternatorsIsolatorsRegulatorsTrouble Shooting GuidesContact HDPSI