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HDPSI offers over 40 models of multi-battery Powerline Isolators. One of the finest isolators on the market. Through engineering and heat chamber testing, the Powerline Isolator can handle the total input amperage through either battery bank(s). While other isolators on the market divide the total rating by the amount of battery banks on the isolator. The Powerline Isolator is a true Heavy Duty Isolator.

Meet the Worlds Most Powerful 400 Amp Continous Duty Dual Battery Isolator:

A little about the Powerline 33-53:
  • 2 replacable 800 Amp Heavy Duty Power Diodes - IF your diodes were to ever burn out, you can replace the diodes instead of replacing the whole isolator.
  • 2" x 12" x 1/4" Nickel plated solid COPPER power bar. The Copper bar is coupled to the heat sink with 3M Thermal Tape.
  • Power Coated 6063 extruded alluminum finned heat sink
  • All hardware is nickel plated for corrosion resistance! Diode clamps are secured with stainless steel bolts.

For Extreme Heavy Duty Applications, We Still Offer
External Rectifiers Up To 350 Amps!

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Isolator Crossover Sheet
HDPSI HomeAlternatorsIsolatorsRegulatorsTrouble Shooting GuidesWarrantyContact HDPSI