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About Our Alternators

We specialize in the Heavy Duty Industry; for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty engines. ONLY for engines that are under these type classes. (3.9 liter engines or bigger)

POWERLINE Alternators are engineered at HD Power Solutions, Inc and are heat-chamber tested; specifically designed to withstand higher under-hood temperature, for heavy duty applications that require a higher output at idle and/or at highway speeds. Giving you the power your demanding, without overloading the alternator and killing your battery(s')

When investing in a POWERLINE alternator, we guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality product. We back up ALL OUR PRODUCTS that are sold as New, with a 2-Year Limited Warranty. (See Warranty page for more details) Complimented with great technical and customer service. 


All POWERLINE products are manufactured at HD Power Solutions, Inc in Fort Worth, Texas.


23HD Series Alternator

23HD Series Models

24HD Series Alternators

24HD Series Models

25HD Series Alternators

25HD Series Models

28HD Series Alternators

28HD Series Models

31HD Series Alternators

31HD Series Models

Rebuild your POWERLINE Alternator

If you would like us to rebuild your alternator, WE CAN, as long as it is a POWERLINE Alternator ONLY 

We charge a flat fee of $125 for labor plus parts for repair and shipping. We cant tell you how much it will cost to rebuild it until we have the alternator with us. If its to expensive for repair and you want it returned, you will only be responsible for the freight.

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