What you should know when ordering from us online (click here)


We Rebuild POWERLINE Alternators ONLY!

Before you send us your alternator, please make sure you are certain the alternator is the reason why your batteries are not charging. If you need help troubleshooting, you can speak with one of our Tech's for guidance. This helps avoid spending extra money and time, and helps to fix your charging problem the first time.

If you decide to Rebuild your POWERLINE Alternator, please let us know you'll be sending it to us. Make sure you have the correct ship-to address and please include your contact information and a short description of the problem your experiencing inside the package.

We need to exam your alternator first before we can give you an estimate for the rebuild. The only cost we know for sure is our flat fee of $150 for labor to rebuild. Additional charges will come from parts that need to be replaced, Plus Shipping.

Once we have examined your alternator we will see if it is cost effective to rebuild it or maybe your better off paying the extra money for a BRAND NEW UNIT.

Our evaluation service is free and you make the final decision to rebuild it or scrap it. If its to expensive to repair and you want it returned, you will only be responsible for the freight.

If your Alternator is still under warranty and if the warranty is still valid, then the only expense you will have is shipping it to us. We will cover the rest; including ALL repair costs and shipping back to you. (If you want expedited shipping, the option is there but you will then be responsible for shipping)

Call us at 1-800-443-9394 for more information


The Correct Ship to Address is:
5083 Martin Luther King Jr. FWY
Fort Worth, TX, 76119