What you should know when ordering from us online (click here)

Ordering Online

You can order any day of the year, at any time of day, even if the office is closed. During closed hours, we wont begin to ship or work on your order until the next business day but if you know what you need, feel free to place your order; even when we're closed.

If the product shows to be "OUT OF STOCK", you can still place the order and we'll begin assembling your order once it has been placed. We don't keep all Alternator Models and Battery Isolator Models in stock due to low demand. However, we do our best to keep all parts in stock to build the unit. For the most part, we keep the common/popular products in stock and ready to be shipped out.

Once the order is placed we can begin fulfilling your order. (Lead time to build units our further down this page)

Ordering online is similar to calling us to place your order. The biggest difference when shopping online is you'll know what we have on the shelf. If it doesn't show "Out Of Stock" it's ready to be shipped. This will let you know whether we need to assemble the unit or not. Of course, if you have any questions please call us. You will be answered by our team, not a machine!

Orders placed by 1 pm (Central time) or earlier, the product will be shipped out the same day, if in stock. If the order is placed after 1 pm (Central time), it will be shipped the following business day, if in stock.


If we need to build the unit, assuming we have all the necessary parts, expect a lead time of:

3 day lead time to build and ship an alternator.

1 week lead time to build and ship a Battery Isolator.

If we don't have the parts needed, or for any reason the lead time will be longer then described above; we will notify you and give you the actual lead time and any other options if available.


Thank you

HD Power Solutions, Inc.